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A message from the President

A message from the President

The University of Kochi now has 70 years of history as a site of higher education in Japan. With the times changing, the University has witnessed various waves of reform. We have educated as many as 11,000 graduates in the hope of contributing to peace, developing culture, and promoting welfare, through esteem toward learning and particular emphasis on producing competent professionals.

Many University of Kochi graduates play active, leading roles in various fields in Japan as well as overseas.

The University holds two campuses: The Ike Campus and the Eikokuji Campus. The Ike Campus hosts the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Social Welfare, and the Faculty of Nutrition. It hosts the Graduate School of Nursing and the Graduate School of Human Life Sciences. These graduate schools provide a path to graduate degrees for individuals working in their positions. We proactively welcome applications from international students.

The Ike Campus also boasts the Wellness and Longevity Center as a site for research to help community residents live long, healthy lives. This center provides students and trainees with specialized professional knowledge and helps them enhance their skills. It also offers training meetings and sessions focusing on skill development for home-visit nurses working in mountainous regions to assure that residents in such areas can live peaceful lives.

The Eikokuji Campus is home to the Faculty of Cultural Studies, which presents an undergraduate program in studies of cultures. Their integrated cultural studies program offers courses for students working during the day-time hours. The Community Center for the Advancement of Education and Research serves as a hub of knowledge for residents of the prefecture. This Center engages itself in such activities as providing lifelong education and support for career development, conducting research on challenges surrounding local communities, and promoting collaboration between industries, governments, and academia.

We make all efforts to develop students’ ability to collaborate with local communities to seek viable solutions to the challenges they face. You can take advantage of available opportunities to develop your ideas and thoughts into activities geared to the challenges you identify. Your activities may take various forms such as practical training, overseas training, cooperative undertakings, club activities, and volunteer work. We encourage and support such student activities.

At the University of Kochi, both students and faculty work together centering on a common idea that those who function in local settings with a forward-looking orientation will grow into individuals who will play leading roles across the globe. There are a number of occasions throughout the year in which you will study and learn with other students with diverse backgrounds and age ranges, thereby securing the demonstrable quality and breadth of your learning experiences.

What can we do now to bring forth for the future you hope for? I would like to delve into this question with you.

I look forward to you taking your first step in achieving your goals at the University of Kochi.

president of university of kochi