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Faculty Member List

Faculty Member List

As of May 8 , 2019

Affiliation, etc. Name Position Areas of Specialty, etc. Research Keywords Related
President Sayumi Nojima Professor Fundamental Nursing Nursing, family, mental health  
Vice President Takahiro Ioroi Professor English Philology/English Language Education  English philology, English language education, phonology, second-language acquisition, corpus research  
Vice President Ayami Nakano Professor Pediatric Nursing Children, families, children's rights, family assistance, empowerment  
Faculty of Cultural Studies (Eikokuji Campus) (Dean: Yoichi Miura)
Department of Cultural Studies Tsugio Inoue Professor Japanese Language Education /Japanese Language Japanese language course, Japanese language education, teaching material development, vocabulary, phase  
Hideki Iwakura Professor Constitutional Law  Constitution, freedom of expression, constitutional litigation  
Professor Labor economics /Econometrics    
Makoto Omura Professor Geoscience Synthetic aperture radar, remote sensing, tectonics, Nankai Earthquake, Antarctica  
Professor Tourism studies

Tourism & Culture,Tourism & town development issues

Seisuke Takanishi Professor Classical Chinese Literature Classical Chinese literature, ghost stories, romantic fiction, comparative literature  
Professor Japanese Philology/Dialectology/Linguistics Regional language (Tosa language), Japanese philology, dialect studies, enviro-cultural linguistics, East Asia, the Ryukyu language, Ainu language, Japanese dialects  
Nobuaki Higashihara Professor Early/Classical Japanese Narrative Literature The Tale of Genji, storytelling, quotation, discourse, text  
Yoichi Miura Professor Cultural History of Housing  Protection of cultural properties, historical town development  
Joel Joos Professor Japanese Cultural Theory Modern thought, modern social history, Western thought, Eastern thought, history of political thought, the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods, the Freedom and People's Rights Movement, Emori Ueki, democracy, Japanese cultural theory, comparative culture, the grassroots, traditions, and movements  
Shingo Iitaka Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology  Cultural anthropology, folklore, tourism, colonial experience, Oceania, Micronesia, South Sea islands, Palau, Saipan, immigration, people of Japanese descent, Asia, the Pacific War, memory, memorial, cultural revival, voluntary immigrant associations, prefectural associations, modern industrial heritage, tourism resources, field work  
Chiho Utsunomiya Associate Professor Urban formation history / Regional economics Company town, Industrial city, Way of Life, Community coffee, Public space, Community design  
Associate Professor Philosophy, Language Education The self, ethics, being, consciousness, phenomenology, philosophy of art and language, world religions, writing  
Shungo Kanazawa Associate Professor English Linguistics

 English grammar, corpus linguistics, cognitive grammar, construction grammar, lexical semantics, event structure, argument structure, adjectives, nouns

Naoto Kikuchi Associate Professor Commercial law (insurance law · maritime business law) Commercial law, insurance law, maritime business law, company law, consumer law, enterprise and law, business succession  
Associate Professor Political science    
Associate Professor International Relations Major power politics, India's external relations, South Asia, methodology of international relations research  
Associate Professor English Culture / Literature    
Associate Professor Labor Law/Social Protection Law    
Makiko Mukai Associate Professor Linguistics Linguistics, contrastive linguistics, theoretical linguistics, Japanese and English, Nordic languages  
Takashi Yoshikawa Associate Professor Philosophy Phenomenology, intentionality, consciousness, awareness, practice, reason, emotion, action, will, the world, the body, the Other  
Assistant Professor Accounting /  Business Analysis and Valuation Financial Statements, Double Entry Bookkeeping, Return on Investment, Cost of Capital, Not-for-Profit Organization, Impact Investment, Social Investment, Donation  
Yasuyo Tanaka Assistant Professor Criminal Law, International law of human rights

Japanese criminal law and criminal procedure and international law of Human rights
Treatment of mental disorder

Yuya Tanaka Assistant Professor Modern Japanese Literature/Contemporary Japanese Literature Yukio Mishima,Showa literature,Literary theory  
Faculty of Nursing (Ike Campus) (Dean:Sawa Fujita)
Department of Nursing Hiroko Azechi Professor Nursing Psychiatric nursing, psychological disorder patients  
Shino Ikezoe Professor School Health, Fundamental Nursing Families, reconstruction of life, careers in caregiving  
Mitsunori Ikeda Professor Specialized Basic Medicine Scleroderma, fibroblasts, skin fibrosis, skin cancer, skin function tests  
Masako Uchida Professor Clinical Nursing/Chronic Illness Nursing Chronic illness experience, lifelong development, self-care, psychosocial assistance, patient education, chronic illness nursing, practical knowledge, case study method, questionnaire method, team work, continuing education  
Professor Fundamental Nursing Family nursing, cognitive dissonance, care guidelines, hospital discharge readiness, nursing care  
Norimi Okawa Professor Acute Care Nursing Perioperative nursing, critical care nursing  
Satomi Kubota Professor Nursing Administration    
Professor Psychiatric Nursing Psychological disorder patients, community lifestyle support  
Kumiko Takezaki Professor Geriatric Nursing The elderly, nursing, care, purpose in life, home care  
Miki Tokinaga Professor Community Health Nursing Health promotion, public health nurse activities  
Kazuko Nagato Professor Fundamental Nursing  Family nursing, nursing care for families of people with chronic illness, nursing skills  
Sawa Fujita Professor Cancer Nursing Cancer survivors, Living with illness, palliative care,Transitional care  
Yasuko Morishita Professor Home Care Nursing Home care, care management  
Professor Comprehensive Nursing /Cancer Nursing    
Satoru Yamada Professor Nursing Administration Nursing administration, disaster nursing, quantitative data analysis, risk management, ergonomics  
Yoko Uchikawa Associate Professor Nursing Administration Nursing administration, human resources development, leadership, teamwork  
Michiko Kawakami Associate Professor Home Care Nursing Community, home-visit nursing, caregiving, families, respite care  
Mari Kinoshita Associate Professor Disaster Nursing International Public Health, Disaster Nursing, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Migrants, HIV/AIDS  
Mio Sato Associate Professor Pediatric Nursing Neonatal intensive care, pediatric nursing, low-birth-weight infants newborns, advanced nurse practitioners   
Nobuki Shimaoka Associate Professor Maternal Nursing and Midwifery Maternal nursing  
Kyoko Takatani Associate Professor Pediatric Nursing Children, adolescent, parents, chronic illness  
Tomomi Fujishiro Associate Professor Psychiatric Nursing Psychological disorder patients,Supported decision making  
Associate Professor Maternal Nursing and Midwifery Maternal nursing , disaster preparedness, health education, intervention      
Assistant Professor Pediatric Nursing    
Assistant Professor Acute Care Nursing Quality of service, satisfaction, disaster nursing  
Wakana Ozawa Assistant Professor Community Health Nursing Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, health education, industrial health activities  
Fukuko Yamanaka Assistant Professor Chronic Care Nursing Chronic diseases, learning support, self-management   
Miho Watanabe Assistant Professor Gerontological Nursing  The elderly, relocation, dementia  
Teaching Associate Psychiatric nursing Psychiatric nurse, violence, traumatic injury  
Junko Iwasaki Teaching Associate Maternal Nursing and Midwifery  Maternal confidence, pregnancy, childcare, nursing intervention  
Hitomi Kamiya Teaching Associate Fundamental Nursing ICU,mechanical ventilated patients,clinical judgement,intensive care experience  
Mika Kawamoto Teaching Associate Community Health Nursing Cooperative partnerships, partnerships, health guidance  
Wakana Kousaki Teaching Associate Maternal Nursing and Midwifery Support for Perinatal women with Social High-risk Factors,Sexuality Education,Care of Abortion,Support for Victims of Sexual Assault  
Hiroko Kohara Teaching Associate Home Care Nursing simulated training, pressure ulcer, skin function tests  
Aya Sakamoto Teaching Associate Fundamental Nursing  Staff development, unit chief nurse, role performance, Copd patients, social interaction, self-management  
Teaching Associate Mental nursing    
Mami Shouji Teaching Associate Cancer Nursing Advanced lung cancer patients, palliative care, dyspnea  
Teaching Associate Chronic nursing science    
Teaching Associate Psychiatric nursing    
Eriko Takenaka Teaching Associate Home Care Nursing Home-visit Nursing, outpatient Nursing  
Teaching Associate Acute Care Nursing    
Eri Tanokashira Teaching Associate Pediatric Nursing    
Mikiko Nakai Teaching Associate Home Care Nursing    
Teaching Associate Family Nursing/Fundamental Nursing Family formation period, family health literacy, family nursing  
Teaching Associate Maternal Nursing and Midwifery    
Teaching Associate Community Health Nursing    
Teaching Associate Gerontological Nursing    
Hiromi Masu Teaching Associate Chronic Illness Nursing    
Teaching Associate Acute Care Nursing    
Sakiko Kanbara Professor Disaster Nursing  Disaster mitigation, human security, globalization and culture  
Lee Hyeon Ju Adjunct Assistant Professor English    
Adjunct Teaching Associate Cancer Nursing    
Welness & Longevity Center(Manager: Mitsunori Ikeda)
Welness & Longevity Center Sachiko Morishita Adjunct Associate Professor Home Nursing Home Nursing  
Mika Genda

Adjunct Teaching Associate

Family Health Nursing Children,  Family coping  
Faculty of Social Welfare (Ike Campus) (Dean: Takako Miyaue)
Department of Social Welfare Shunji Sugihara Professor Child and Family Welfare Theory  School social work, personal history analysis, family therapy (systems approach), narrative practices, the Kj Method  
Kiyomu Tanaka Professor Welfare Administration and Finance Theory Low birthrate and aging society, welfare systems (pensions, medical, long-term care, child welfare, welfare of persons with disabilities, etc.)  
Kimiko Nagasawa Professor Welfare Policy Theory/International Comparative Research New public management, quasi-markets, welfare policy, evaluation, long-term care policy  
Akira Nishiuchi Professor Social Work Gerontological Social Work,Ecosystems Perspective  
Hiroko Maruyama Professor Social Work Theory, Psychiatric Social Work High-risk user system, team assessment, eco-scanners, the unique nature of the social work profession, psychiatric social workers (Psw), practical competence, social worker techniques  
Takako Miyaue Professor Care Welfare Dementia caregiving, family caregiving  
Professor Rehabilitation Science dementia, self-awareness, language, individuals with severe motor and intellectual disabilities, dysphagia  
Shigehiro Ohmatsu Associate Professor Oncology Social Work Self Help Group,Peer Support,Medical Linkage  
Takanori Suzuki Associate Professor Mental Health Welfare Theory Mental health welfare, independent living support, risk management  
Koji Nishiume Associate Professor Social Work Social work, ecosystems,perspective, empowerment, practice  
Takayasu Fukuma Associate Professor Welfare Services Organization and Management Human resource management practices, organizational commitment, career commitment, job involvement, job satisfaction, motivation, job design, retention  
Yayoi Miyoshi Associate Professor Care Welfare The elderly, end-of-life care, hospice care, eating dysphagia, decision-making  
Yui Kato Assistant Professor Social Welfare Assistance Technique Theory Social work support processes, social work education, supervision  
Yasufumi Kouchi Assistant Professor Care Welfare Nursing care welfare, nursing care welfare education, nursing care welfare for persons with disabilities  
Mami Tuji Assistant Professor Care Welfare Care workers training courses,Home  help  service,Service coordinator,Care welfare  
Masayo Tohyama Assistant Professor Disabled Welfare Theory  Employment of persons with disabilities, employment support for persons with disabilities, discrimination on the basis of disability, reasonable accommodation  
Shinji Yukisada Assistant Professor Welfare Policy Theory,Poverty Support System for Needy People, Public Assistance System, Minimum Income Security in Pension,  Homelessness, Hilly and Mountainous Areas  
Kayo Inagaki Teaching Associate Mental Health Welfare Theory  Psychological disorder patients, social workers, psychiatric social workers, employment transition assistance, supportive relationships, assistance in the event of failure, self-determination, Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act  
Erina Okuma Teaching Associate Medical Social Work    
Teaching Associate Care Welfare    
Teaching Associate Community Welfare Theory  Community support, community social work, care management , mountainous areas  
Maki Tanaka Teaching Associate Care Welfare Welfare care workers development, human resources development, care welfare  
Teaching Associate Welfare for the disabled  Support for persons with disabilities, minority group, diversity, prejudice  
Toshihide Fukuda Teaching Associate Elderly Welfare Support for the home life of the elderly,support for family caregivers,long-term care in nursing homes,elderly with dementia      
Faculty of Nutrition (Ike Campus) (Dean: Takashi Murakami)
Department of Nutrition Reiko
Professor Nutrition education theory    
Professor Public Health,Biochemistry Food Safety,Water Pollution,Analytical Chemistry  
Takashi Murakami Professor Structure and Function of the Human Body    
Hiroyuki Watanabe Professor Food Science  Food, food functionality, food composition, food with nutrition function claims, food for specified health use  
Reiko Aramaki Associate Professor Public Health Nutrition  Food education, nutrition labeling, dietary lifestyles, cookbooks, dietary culture, behavior modification, vegetable consumption, prevention of lifestyle-related diseases  
Makiko Suzuki Associate Professor Basic Nutrition/Applied Nutrition/Molecular Pathogenesis of Nutrition Food allergies, post-translational modification  
Michiko Nishioka Associate Professor Cookery Science Dietary lifestyles, health education, cooking, nutrient factors, nutritional assessment  
Ikuko Shimada Assistant Professor Food Service Management  Food service management, new cooking systems, chewing/swallowing food, the impact of Muslim fasting  
Yuichiro Takei Assistant Professor Clinical nutrition Arteriology, Functionality assessment of food factors to disorders, Relationship between host and microbiota  
Tomoko Hirouchi Assistant Professor Field Training in Clinical Nutrition  Disaster diet, food allergies, nutrition, dietary lifestyle support  
Yukiko Sumida Teaching Associate Clinical nutrition    
KazuhitoTakemoto Teaching Associate sitology,biochemistry allergy,food composition,food analysis  
Satoshi Numata Teaching Associate Food Services Management Practicum  Enzyme immunoassay, insulin autoantibodies, Gad antibodies  
Fuki Kanosue Assistant Cookery Science Practicum Traditional Food of Tosa  
Mami Kawamura Assistant Food Science Experimentation Anti-oxidation, lifestyle-related diseases  
General Information Center (Manager: Kenji Isshiki)
General Information Center Hiroshi Kazama Associate Professor Theoretical Physics    
Shinichi Nawa Teaching Associate Nuclear Theory  Numerical computations, network security, Unix  
Area Education & Research Unit (Manager: Yasuharu Kiyohara)
Area Education & Research Unit Kenji Isshiki Professor Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Trace elements, ultrasensitive analysis, concentration and separation
speciation analysis, environmental circulation
Yasuharu Kiyohara Professor Regional Sports Culture Theory Sports history, regional sports, regional culture  
Professor Developmental Psychology,Educational Psychology,Special Needs Education Qualitative Psychology,Vocational Rehabilitation,Developmental disorders,Developmental Assessment  
Koro Suzuki Associate Professor Comparative Education Multicultural education, education for international understanding, citizenship education, globalization and education, intercultural exchange, minority education, Islamic education  
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