Career Path in Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration

DNGL program strives for producing global leaders who can perform in industry-government-academia collaboration. A variety of medical facilities, administrative centers and educational institutions that are part of this inter-curricular program offer plenty of opportunities for practices from outbreak of disaster to long-term damage recovery efforts in disaster nursing. This program offers internship opportunities at already well-established medical facilities, administrative centers, and disaster agencies. These opportunities can be stepping stones for those who wish to continue their career paths in these fields.

Career Path for the Graduates

The program is committed to train the students to become competent disaster nursing leaders upon graduation and show their capability at research centers, educational institutions, and other disaster-related fields, such as hospitals, government organizations, NPOs, and international organizations. Our students can take advantage of studying or working at our participating universities according to individual needs and capacities. In addition, the program plans to initiate international exchange among the universities in the entire network.

This program has been adopted as "Program for Leading Graduate Schools of 2012" by MEXT.