Education Plan

Inter-University Curricula

Preparing Highly Competent Disaster Nurses

For five years in the program, students will continuously be given practice tests especially in the first 1-2 years. For instance, students may participate in all phases of joint researches with regional hospitals on health status and support for long-term evacuees from disasters. In addition, program participants are expected to gain leadership skills after completing regional disaster prevention programs in a joint effort with other related organizations (local government, hospitals, schools, businesses, and civic groups. Practicum will be carried out by cooperating practicum leaders, mentor, and preceptors.

Instilling Educational Capacity (Competency)

For the first to third year students, customized tutorials based on individual level of experiences will be given so that students will be able to continue to cultivate learning capacity.

Council on Education and Research and Research Internship System

Multi-industrial, multi-disciplinary exchange: To foster the leadership skills, the Center will function as the principle unit in providing students with opportunities for domestic and international exchange to cultivate interdisciplinary perspectives.

Internship - Practical Planning and Development Skills

From 3rd-5th years, students will participate in joint research programs with industry and government, internship programs, and RA programs. These programs are designed to strengthen practical research skills. Instructors and special appointed professors from industry, government, and research enters will be guiding and mentoringthese students. At this stage, students will learn about unprecedented nursing educational contents, social appeal and application of appeal, and public relations skills. In addition, course such as Disaster Nursing Global Coordination Theory and Disaster Nursing Leadership Theory offer assertive lectures, training and practicum.

This program has been adopted as "Program for Leading Graduate Schools of 2012" by MEXT.