Education Plan


Simulation Facility

University of Kochi is designated as the Administrative Center (the Center) for Disaster Nursing Global Leader Program and University of Hyogo will host the Simulation Lab for Disaster Nursing (the Lab). At both the places, the Directors of the Center and Lab will oversee their respective units.

The Simulation Lab is responsible for developing pedagogy for disaster simulation education, internship, and other innovative educational methods. Lab Center's director together with the Curriculum Committee will oversee the program development at the center. The Lab in conjunction with international partners are making efforts to further the disaster nursing education.

Academic Support System

For the first to third year students, customized tutorials based on individual level of experiences will be given so that students will be able to continue to cultivate learning capacity.

Council on Education and Research and Research Internship System

Enrolled students will learn various academic skills in seminars and presentations by excellent professionals who are competitive researchers and educators in their fields of nursing. Additionally, under the carefully planned curriculum developed by the Curriculum Committee, the faculty members of this inter-curricular program offer various kinds of guidance. Students are able to receive customized advices and guidance according to their needs. Also, faculty from participating institutions around the world will provide advisory services. The program also offers short term study-abroad programs to those who wish to participate in international education and training. Students in the program will carry out independent research projects and will receive support from faculties from renowned universities and take part in interdisciplinary collaboration and produce unprecedented innovative researches.

This program has been adopted as "Program for Leading Graduate Schools of 2012" by MEXT.