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Faculty of Nursing

Department of Nursing/Enrollment capacity: 80/Ike Campus

University of Kochi’s Faculty of Nursing (formerly the Nursing Course in the Kochi Women’s University Department of Home Economics) is a four-year university course that dates all the way back to 1952, making it the oldest nursing education program in the country.

Through an educational approach that draws on a storied history and rich tradition, the Faculty has produced generations of high-caliber nursing professionals who continue to make a difference across Japan.

In the Faculty of Nursing, the focus is on scientific evidence-based scholarship, hands-on learning, and practical experience that prepare students for the field. Under the careful, thorough guidance of a teaching staff with extensive experience in the nursing profession, Faculty of Nursing students not only learn the concepts and techniques of nursing but also engage in research projects geared toward establishing new nursing practices for the future.

Through its close ties with the master’s and doctoral programs at University of Kochi Graduate School of Nursing, the Faculty also offers a learning environment that facilitates further study.

Our graduates

Provide nursing care with respect for the different ways that people live and the diverse values that people hold

Utilize their expertise, technical capabilities, and capacities for scientific and logical reasoning in applying their nursing skills

Anticipate the needs of society and work with members of other professions to address social issues

Take a professional approach toward promoting healthier lifestyles in communities

Promote the interdisciplinary development of nursing science from a global standpoint

Respecting Each Person’s Individuality and Learning
Ingenuity and an Abundant Environment Enabling Students to Learn with Peace of Mind

The curriculum of the Faculty of Nursing enables students to implement in field training what they have learned from classroom instruction and practice, and integrate knowledge from implementation of education and research. In addition to students working closely with instructors, the Faculty of Nursing partners with the Graduate School to have graduate student teaching assistants take part in education and help in building bridges between the knowledge and techniques of nursing and actual practice. They provide learning support from a perspective close to undergraduate students’ own.

Content of classes/practical training

On-campus practice

The Faculty of Nursing has a high-performance simulator and other equipment to recreate a clinical setting and conducted advanced practice, providing one of the best practice environments available at any nursing education institution. With the cooperation of simulated patients, we also conduct exercises that are aligned with actual implementation.

Field training

A comprehensive partnership agreement with Kochi Health Sciences Center and other collaboration with hospitals in Kochi City, students can engage in field training with peace of mind in an environment that includes many graduates of the Faculty of Nursing.
Although the University of Kochi does not have its own hospital, students are able to expand their perspective and develop a broad range of adaptability through experience a variety of hospitals.

Licenses and qualifications that can be acquired

・Eligibility for national exams to become a nurse (Acquired by all students)

Eligibility for national exams to become a public health nurse (Excluding students who select midwifery)

・Eligibility for national exams to become a midwife (Elective)

・Nursing Teacher First Class License (Elective)

・Health Officer First Class (Acquired through application after graduation)

* Elective qualifications and licenses cannot be acquired at the same time.
* Students who have selected midwifery cannot acquire eligibility for national exams to become a public health nurse or obtain a Nursing Teacher First Class License.

Career vision

Faculty of Nursing post-graduation track


Nurse/Public health nurse/Midwife/Nursing teacher

We utilize our nationwide network of graduates who work throughout Japan to provide support for the selection of a future track in line with each student’s desires.

Instructors continue providing career assistance after graduation as well. The “Kochi Women's University Academy of Nursing” is available as a place for graduates to engage in mutual self-improvement.

Further schooling

University of Kochi also has a Graduate School of Nursing.

Nurse Specialist Certification Program

Family nursing, psychiatric nursing, cancer nursing, pediatric nursing, community health nursing, geriatric nursing, chronic illness nursing, home care nursing, critical care nursing

Research Program

Adult health nursing (chronic), pediatric nursing, family nursing, community health nursing, nursing management

Practice Leader Program

Clinical nursing, community health nursing