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Site Policy

Site Policy

University of Kochi Official Website Policy


This website( is the official website of University of Kochi.The aim of the site policy is to ensure smooth management of the website.

Handling of private information

University of Kochi treats all private information in accordance with Personal information protection regulations,Kochi Prefectural Public University Corporation, and does its best to allow you to use the website in a safe manner.


The copyright of articles, photographs and illustrations on the University of Kochi website belongs to University of Kochi or the person who supplied the content and is protected by the Copyright Act. It is forbidden by law to infringe on the rights of the copyright holder by reproducing, duplicating, transmitting, translating, adapting, selling or lending out the contents without the authorization of University of Kochi


When there is an external link on the University of Kochi website to an outside website, University of Kochi does not take any responsibility for the contents of that website.